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Ver 扫黑·决不放弃 Cuevana3. The “anti-gang storm” swept through Kui Zhou after the city of Green Vine, and at the very moment when the supervisory team was stationed there, Li Nanbei (Xiao Yang) and Yu Qing (Fan Chengcheng), a pair of wimpy masters and disciples, accidentally captured a triad leader who had been absconding for years. In the meantime, various forces are involved, targeting the city's Public Security Bureau led by Yu Hongbo (Li Chengru) and Duan Yi (Yu Ailei). The forces of darkness and evil are step by step carrying out a “legal whitewash”, the dregs of the bizarre old cases, well-known entrepreneurs, officials are involved, the investigation process through life and death, and their test, has just begun.

扫黑·决不放弃 (2024)
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